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Sailing Course in Rio de Janeiro

Sailing Course in Rio de Janeiro

For learning or improvement of sailing navigation we teach an ocean sailing course. The course/training is individual and exclusive for two people or up to four people with no change in price.


The ocean sailing course consists of 20 hours/class – 4 sailings of approx. 5 hours (departing in the morning and returning in the afternoon), covering the following topics:

• Nomenclature: sails, ropes, cables and devices.

• Nautical sailing nomenclature - windward / leeward, etc.

• Theory - wind direction, size, shape and sail trimming. 

• Maneuvers - hoisting/lowering sails, tack, jibe, reefs (reduced sail area), etc.

• Most used knots.

• Sailing with spinnaker and "wing and wing".

• Basic Navigation - compass and GPS.

• Safety on board - man overboard maneuvers (MOB).

• Safe anchorage.

The Course covers the main theoretical and practical aspects of sailing on ocean yachts, providing the basic knowledge needed to sail safely.

Lessons are individual, we do not mix students from different groups.

We provide a Manual & Glossary with all course matters and step-by-step description of the maneuvers, illustrations, diagrams etc.

The course is taught by captain Sergio de Garcia who started sailing at the age of 10, with experience in ocean crossings (Rio/Cape Town in South Africa, Mediterranean and others).

The sailboat is a Peterson 33 ft, located in Marina da Glória, Rio de Janeiro.

Contact for further information.

Sailing Course in Rio de Janeiro
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